Merry Christmas and thanks for an amazing 2021

Our 121st year PNECC achievements……..

  • Welcome many new riders to the club
  • Restart and expand our club ride  groups and leaders, welcome juniors and complete an anniversary ride,
  • Run a full programme of time trials for our club awards and trophies,
  • Run successful race events, grow our race teams s for men and women, achieve 15th position regionally with, podiums/ wins and category progressions;  representing at regional & national events,
  • Getting more and more PNECC kit on the road, 3 kit shop sessions and a new UK supplier with rapid delivery times.
  • Run a junior and youth coaching programme and restarted, senior coaching & “Come and Try” events at Mountbatten Track,
  • Run 3 Grand Tour Velo-games Leagues with Prizes,
  • Supported a new local cycling charity, welcome new members,
  • Create new volunteering opportunities and appoint 7 new committee volunteers,
  • Return to and establish regular activities at Mountbatten,
  • Contribute to the city cycling coordination group, 
  • Launch a forward looking development plan
  • Achieve Clubmark award and Go-Ride Accreditation,
  • Launch a new website and set-up a new membership system
  • and more.

2022 Membership renewal starts tomorrow. We’ll be excited to have you as a member for next year and beyond.

PNE is seeking to increase the opportunities to participate in and contribute across our club and activities, be that locally organised group rides & events, competing for time trial trophies, racing as part of the team, supporting events or improving your cycling.

2022 ready! – AGM Decisions & Appointments

The 2021 AGM was successfully held on the 27th November at Mountbatten . New appointments and updates to our rules, club roles and constitution reviewed openly and approved. Draft minutes are now online .

Thanks to all that contributed proposals, supported the preparations and participated. Our appreciation to those that handed over their posts and congratulation and welcome to our new volunteers confirmed at the AGM.

Photgraphs by Andy Connelly

November Committee – Minutes & Decisions

The November Committee Minutes are now online. Key points

  • AGM and Prize Giving Preparations, BC accreditation renewed
  • PNE invited to volunteer at Clanfield CX
  • Financial Reserve Policy, 2022 Budget, and 2022 fee approved by the committee
  • Membership fees remain unchanged for 2022
  • PNE125 Development plan unanimously approved
  • Club Equipment list issued, see the club kit page for info on borrowing/ using club equipment.
  • Candidates invited for Welfare Officer and Secretary
  • Next committee Monday 17th January

PNECC kit now available on 6 week delivery to door.

I am delighted to launch Nopinz a fast delivery kit supplier.

Nopinz is a UK supplier selected after an extensive review to meet the expectation of members, and growing needs of the club. Nopinz provides :

  • Order at the Nopinz PNECC online shop.
  • Order whatever you want, whenever you want, no restrictions or order windows
  • Delivery direct to your address in 6 weeks.
  • A wider range of club kit available.
  • Return, repairs and crash replacement service.
  • Shop login details will be emailed to all members.

In additional the Kalas shop will operate unchanged twice annually.