Buying Club Kit

A range of Club kit is available, our club approved by British Cycling and available to all members, Our kit is coordinated by the Club Kit provider, Contact .

Buying from Nopinz

Nopinz is a leading UK cycling kit supplier offering a wide range of high quality kit. The Nopinz PNECC online shop is always open. Order whatever you want, whenever you want, for delivery direct to you in 6 weeks. There is a wide range and no minimum order quality. Keep your receipt to use the Nopinz crash replacement policy in case of an accident.

Buying kit from Kalas

Kalas is a kit supplier to team GB and offers great value kit! The Kalas PNECC online shop opens approximately twice a year for 10 day ordering periods The shop includes style and sizing information. Opening & order by dates, shop password and estimated delivery date are all communicated to members by email & members social media groups. Lead-times are approx 14 weeks from closure of the shop. Keep your receipt to use the Kalas crash replacement policy in case of an accident.

Buying kit from Club Stock

The club holds a small stock of jerseys, bibshorts, gilets and accessories. Again Contact for the current stock and prices.

Buying Club accessories

The following PNE items can be purchase directly by contacting

Club Equipment to Use and Borrow

The club has a range of equipment, including cycling equipment, event gazebo, timekeeping/ coaching equipment etc that can be used borrowed for use – click here to view the equipment list. Club equipment are controlled by the Secretary, and members use equipment in accordance with our rules, and purpose.

Information on the assets and their contact is available via this link. For any information contact