Rides with us

Regular Club Rides are a social and sporting part of the club when members can meet, ride, catch up and share a coffee. Sunday rides & Club Ride Events groups are coordinated by the Club Captain and Ride Leaders. Come and Try rides are open to potential members.

Sunday Club Rides whilst organised are relaxed, welcoming and friendly. Accompanied juniors are very welcome. The Sunday Club Ride has a variety of groups suit what you want or how you feel on the day.

6 Club Ride Essentials

  • Select a group suited to your ability.
  • Cycling Helmet – mandatory  and clothing appropriate for the forecast conditions
  • Bike in good working order and suited to the pace and group – preferably a road bike.
  • Tri-bars are forbidden on group rides.
  • Water bottle, snack
  • Means to remove, replace and inflate a spare inner tube(s).
  • MOBILE PHONE & Emergency contact aware and able to assist in the event of any problem that prevents you completing the Club Ride.

Club Ride – Code Of Practice

All Club Ride participants shall behave lawfully and  show consideration to their fellow riders, other road user, pedestrians, horse riders and wider public. Any concerns arising during a Club Ride should be addressed directly to the Ride Leader or Club Captain at the earliest opportunity. As a final option email clubcaptain@pnecc.co.uk

The enjoyment of riding, and working together as a confident group is exceptional.

Group Riding coaching session are regularly organised within the club to develop group riding skills and confidence. The skills developed are group speed control, verbal communication within a group, non-verbal communication, close riding and co-operating/ working together as a group. Useful Links & introductions to Group Riding

British Cycling – What to expect on a club ride.

How to ride in a group – Ridesmart

Guide to Road Cycling Hand Signals & Calls

How to ride in a group – Introduction

How to Master Basic Group Riding Skills