Meet the Club Officials


The committee are  available at club events or the meetings at The Mountbatten Centre. You can also make contact by email using the icon below their picture . 

 There are always  varied opportunities to be involved so please get in touch or see club volunteering.  The committee is s elected annually at the AGM and in post for up to 4 years. 

Sheila Martin
Honorary President (non-voting), appt. 2021
Harry Jackson
Honorary Vice President (non-voting), appt. 2021
Peter MacLellan
Trustee & Chair, appt. 2021
Chairman Terms of Reference
Alan Collins
Trustee & Treasurer, appt 2022
Treasurer Terms of Reference
Matthew Puddick
Trustee, & Secretary, appt. 2022
ContactSecretary Terms of Reference
Tim LAwn
Road Secretary, appt. 2022
David Knight
Time Trial Secretary, appt. 2019
Time Trial Secretary Terms Of Reference
Alan Coliins
CX & Track Secretary, appt 2021
Volunteer Coordinator Terms of Reference
Gareth Fiford
Club Captain, appt.2022
Club Captain Terms of Reference
Mark Williams
Vice Chair, appt. 2021
Chairman Terms of Reference
Vacant Coach
Coaching Coordinator
Head Coach Terms of Reference
Beth MacLellan
Club Kit Provider, appt 2020
Kit Provider Terms of Reference
Carl Benfield
Social Secretary, appt 2022
Social Secretary Terms of Reference
Andy Connelly
Media Secretary, appt 2022
Media Secretary Terms of Reference
Position Vacant
Ordinary Member Representative
Position Vacant
Ordinary Member Representative